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About Us


Scent & Stone
Holistic Energies


Welcome to Scent and Stone Holistic Energies, a wellness center and store. Our intention is to bring healing and balance to the 'Whole Individual' through healing services and our Scent & Stone Aromatherapy Crystal Meditation products. We offer private and small group yoga and meditation classes that are inclusive to all. Our philosophy is "Yoga is for Everyone", including all abilities, ages, genders, and fitness levels. Our classes are tailored specifically to your individual needs and goals, and focus on the Eight Limbs of yoga, which goes beyond asanas (poses), into yoga as a way to heal, give back to your community, and self reflect. We offer Crystal Energy Reiki, Chakra Balancing Skincare, and Chakra Tarot Readings to further you on your path to Whole Wellness of body, mind, and spirit.

We proudly serve the residents of the following areas:

  • Geneseo, NY

  • Livingston County, NY

  • Finger Lakes, NY

  • Rochester, NY

  • Buffalo, NY

  • Syracuse, NY

  • Western NY

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