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When you book a  package you are booking your first appointment. Full payment is due at first appointment.
You may book the subsequent appointments at your first appointment.

7 Chakra Meditation Package  $240

All 7 chakras, booked at your convenience

7 Chakra Yoga Package  $300

All 7 chakras booked at your convenience

Chakra Reiki Package  $360

Balance and open all 7 chakras, working through each from Root to Crown, for a truly holistic balance, booked at your convenience

Manifestation Reiki Package  $150

Includes Balance, Cleanse, and Swaddled Manifestation Reiki booked at your convenience. Manifest what you want in your life! 

Make Your Own Reiki Package $150

Choose any 3 Chakra Balancing Reiki and/or Manifestation Reiki services to be booked at your convenience.

Let’s Work Together

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