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Reiki Crystal Healing

Balance Manifestation Reiki: 60 minutes...$70

Crystal Energy Healing with rose quartz crystals, aromatherapy with our signature Balance blend, and guided meditation brings the chakras into alignment for energy flow, raises healing energy, and manifests balance within your life 

Swaddled Manifestation Reiki: 60 minutes...$70
Crystal Energy Healing with red jasper and green aventurine, aromatherapy with our signature Swaddled Anti Anxiety blend, and guided meditation deeply relaxes body, mind and spirit, grounds the energies, and manifests stability within your life 


Cleanse Manifestation Reiki: 60 minutes...$70

Crystal Energy Healing with clear quartz, selenite, and white jade, aromatherapy with our signature Cleanse blend, and guided meditation cleanse negative energies from the aura and protect the energies from negativity, and manifests positive intention in your life 


Chakra Balancing Reiki: 60 minutes...$70

Focus is on opening and balancing a specific chakra using Crystal Energy Healing, our signature chakra aromatherapy blends, and guided meditation 
Choose from:
Root Chakra: Brings stability, calm, and grounding 
Sacral Chakra: Stimulates creativity, releases emotional blockages, brings emotional balance 
Solar Plexus Chakra: Raises energy levels, stimulates motivation, raises self confidence 
Heart Chakra: Heals traumas, raises loving energy, and facilitates gratitude 
Throat Chakra: Facilitates communication, raises positivity levels, helps you find your truth 
Third Eye Chakra: Boosts intuition, clear sight, and decision making 
Crown Chakra: Connects you to your bliss, opens you to the universe, and clears negativity 

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